Watch or listen to our on-demand webinar to gain invaluable insights into the challenges shaping the manufacturing sector, expand your network, and strategise for your organisation's success in this transformative era.

We discuss:

  • Key digital innovations like Robotics, AI, and smart factories
  • The impacts on efficiency, sustainability, and workforce dynamics
  • A selection of real-world case studies, demonstrating how leading manufacturers are successfully adapting to change

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Meet The Speakers


Rolls-royce.svgAndy Norton

Service Technology Specialist.

Leading innovative projects focused on the development of cutting-edge systems for in-situ inspection and repair within aero engines, collaborating with Rolls-Royce University Technology Centres and SMEs, while leveraging a global R&D supply chain network to implement advanced hardware and digital solutions, ranging from photonics to robotics, that enhance aerospace product servicing efficiency.


Airbus_whiteMarco Chacin

Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Factory Automation and Motion Control Specialist.

Marco is a highly accomplished Robotics and Automation expert, with a background in Electronics and Control Engineering and extensive experience in academia and industry, including notable contributions to cutting-edge projects at Toyota Motor Corporation and Cyberdyne Inc., making him a valuable attendee at our webinar on digital transformation in manufacturing.



HeriotWattDr Gillian Murray

Deputy Principal in Business and Enterprise.
Heriot-Watt University

Dr Murray leads a dynamic department with strong links to UK manufacturing, which prides itself on its hands-on, collaborative approach. She has been there since 2016, helping to mobilise the University’s intellectual and capital assets to address global challenges and drive social and economic transformation.


Sempre_main_logo_white_writingJamie Greatrix 


Jamie has over 20 years experience working with quality departments across the country to improve their processes and productivity with cutting edge measurement technology.

Head of Sales at metrology provider, The Sempre Group, Jamie sees the ever evolving shop-floor environment and how digital change is implemented and how successfully it is adopted. With a consultative approach to his client base providing metrology solutions across the UK and Ireland, Jamie has a comprehensive view of how the UK manufacturing scene looks from a digital transformation perspective.


Red-Fern Logo Vector-2Sean Redfearn

Founder, CEO,
Digital Strategist

Sean Redfearn is the CEO and owner of Red-Fern Media and the brains behind the Re-Make Manufacturing podcast.

Starting in manufacturing over 30 years ago, Sean moved into web development and founded the digital agency Red-Fern. Creating bespoke applications, enterprise level creative and marketing strategies for global manufacturers, Red-Fern are now one of the leading digital agencies in the manufacturing space.

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